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Frequently asked questions

What are nicotine pouches?
Here in the UK, nicotine pouches are a non-tobacco based oral pouch that can be placed inside the mouth, next to the gum. This allows for the nicotine to be absorbed in to the bloodstream via the oral mucosa (mucus membranes). Pouches contain plant fibers, flavourings and sweeteners - and of course, nicotine! Nicotine pouches are often confused with a similar oral pouch called snus, which originates in Sweden. Snus is largely dissimilar to pouches as snus is actually made with tobacco, whilst the pouches are non-tobacco. In appearance, nicotine pouches are generally white powder in white sachets. Our brand of pouches come with a range of nicotine strengths to suit your requirements. With the nicotine content ranging from 6 mg, to 10 mg nicotine pouch, we have the strength you need whether that is a mild fix to your nicotine cravings, or that strong hit that really satisfies your needs. X-Strong versions are coming soon, so watch this space!
Are nicotine pouches the same as snus?
In many ways, nicotine pouches are similar to Swedish snus (or snuff) as they are an oral alternative to tobacco products. As with nicotine pouches, snus and snuff is placed between the lip and gum and neither require spitting. However, major differences are that nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco leaf, but a form of dehydrated nicotine with added flavours such as mint, and unlike Swedish snus and snuff, they do not need to be kept cold. Neither snus (snuff) nor nicotine pouches are considered to be new products, as similar oral pouches with contents other than nicotine have been available in Sweden for many years under food regulations. In appearance, Swedish snus can be either white or brown powder contained in a white sachet. So in summary, nicotine pouches and snus are entirely different products!
So what exactly is Swedish snus? And snuff?!
Snus, also known as snuff, is a smokeless tobacco that is an oral product. It is placed behind the upper lip and usually comes in sachet form, usually white or brown in appearance. Swedish snus can be either loose or portioned. As snus originated in Sweden, can you believe that most of the world's snus users can be found in Sweden, Norway and the surrounding Nordic countries? There are other variants of snus, for example, loose snus and American snus (or snuff!). Swedish snus, and snus in general has seen smoking rates decline in Sweden and other countries where snus is prevalent.
Are nicotine pouches safe?
As nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco (unlike its Swedish snus and snuff counterpart), tar, or any of the toxins that come with being a smoker, they are considered to be a safer alternative to consuming nicotine than many other forms. However it is important to note that nicotine is a highly addictive chemical, and comes with the risk of nicotine addiction. Our hiit brand is unique in terms of manufacturing our nicotine products at our state-of-the-art EU GMP pharma-grade facility here in the UK. This means that all our products are made with the highest quality standards known in the industry. Being made in the UK means that you can rest assured that we have a fully traceable supply chain, and that all products are made to the high regulatory stands set out by the UK. If you are a smoker, there is no comparison to switching to using pouches as an alternative means of getting your nicotine fix.
Can nicotine pouches cause gum disease?
Unlike its counterpart, Swedish-style snus pouches, our pouches, and pouches in general don’t contain tobacco, and therefore are considered safer alternative to snuff and snus use and other smokeless tobacco products. therefore, there is minimal risk of pouches causing gum disease.
Do nicotine pouches stain teeth?
Again, as nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco (unlike snus or snuff), there is no risk of nicotine staining your teeth. If you are still a smoker, however, then it is a different story! If you are a snus user, then our advice would be to check with the manufacturer of your snus or snuff!
Are nicotine pouches good for quitting smoking?
Public Health England is a UK regulatory body responsible for tobacco control. This body has long been praising the benefits of vaping in the UK and have hailed it with being 95% safer alternative to smoking tobacco. That being said, when compared to vaping, nicotine pouches don't require any inhalation. This level of endorsement has had a profound effect on the UK's smoking rates, and its tobacco control has become a beacon of truth for the rest of the world. On this very basis, advents like nicotine pouches should be taken seriously in terms of their long term benefits to public health. Any smoker who makes the transition to nicotine pouches, is likely to be using a form of nicotine delivery that is even safer even safer than 95% claimed by PHE here in the UK. There are many different types of smokeless and nicotine products, which allow you to become free of tobacco. We've already covered snus and snuff. There's also chewing gum, lozenges, patches, to name but a few! However, nicotine pouches offer a discreet way to get your nicotine fix. Why not try a free sample today?