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Nicotine pouches offer a harm-reducing and discreet alternative to cigarettes.

Nicotine pouches offer a harm-reducing and discreet alternative to smoking cigarettes. Thanks to their unique design, nicotine pouches provide a simple, easy way to get your nicotine hit. By avoiding the inhalation of smoke, the risk of damage to your lungs posed by smoking is eliminated. Freedom is the number one reason people switch to nicotine pouches.

No longer will you have to take your cigarette break at work or take five minutes away from your friends and family for a quick smoke. Simply insert your nicotine pouch into your mouth, next to your gums and allow the nicotine to be absorbed for up to 60 minutes, before disposing of your pouch responsibly. Never miss out on the fun again, stay in the moment and get your hiit wherever you are.

A healthier solution

For nicotine harm-reduction

Nicotine pouches reduce many of the risks and side effects associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes. Since they do not contain the harmful carcinogens and toxic gases found within tobacco cigarettes, nicotine pouches are a much less harmful alternative to receiving your nicotine hit and managing your cravings. However it's still worth noting that nicotine is a highly addictive substance.

Tobacco free Pouches

Absolutely no toxins

Unlike snus, nicotine pouches contain absolutely no tobacco, meaning they are a helpful option for those looking to quit consuming harmful tobacco products. On top of this you can also say goodbye to stained, yellow teeth! Many people assume that nicotine pouches and snus are the same thing - they are not! Snus originated in Sweden and is made using tobacco leaf - whereas nicotine pouches are made from just nicotine.

No second-hand smoke

Keep your loved ones safe from passive smoking

Since a nicotine pouch is used without any combustion, there is no smoke created with use. This means your friends and family can avoid being exposed to the side effects of passive smoking from cigarette smoke. Did you know that high levels of exposure to secondhand smoke can result in higher nicotine levels in the brain. This is a huge factor as to why passive smoking sometimes causes nicotine addiction. As nicotine is an addictive substance - it's definitely worth considering the impact it could have on your loved ones!

Great selection

Choose your nicotine strength and flavour pouch

With a great range of nicotine pouches available from our brand, hiit, not only can you pick a flavoring you desire - from mint, mango or lemon - but the mg strengths of your pouches! With this choice, nicotine pouches can be used by a wide range of people looking for their nicotine hit. Whether this is with a strength of 6mg or 10mg for strong nicotine pouches, you won't have to compromise your nicotine intake, as various studies have shown that nicotine pouches can provide the same nicotine exposure levels as a tobacco cigarette. Thanks to their unique design, the nicotine can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

hiit Pouch User Stories

Thousands of people across the UK have already successfully made the complete switch from cigarette smoking to vaping!

So, what is stopping you? Give hiit Pouches a try and make a positive change to your life.

Female, 36, Manchester

Mum of two kids switched to hiit after realising she no longer wanted to smoke cigarettes around her children, but still wanted to satisfy her nicotine cravings in a safer way. Click here to find out more

Male, 25, Cardiff

Pursuing a career in the football industry, Mark realised he needed to kick his smoking habit sooner rather than later before it impacted his abilities. Click here to find out more

hiit is about giving you choice & freedom to get on with life. No smoke, just satisfaction.

1. Choose your
flavour & strength

2. Open tin &
take one pouch

3. Place under lip
at side of mouth

4. Leave for
up to 60 mins

5. Dispose

Frequently asked questions

What to do with nicotine pouches?
Nicotine pouches are so easy to use. Simply place your pouch under your lip and situate it next to your gum at the side of your mouth. The nicotine can then be absorbed for up to 60 minutes - depending on the person. Some discard of the pouch after the flavour dissipates. See our 'How to' pages for more information.
What's in a nicotine pouch?
Unlike snus, nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco but they do contain the key ingredient - nicotine, in addition to flavorings, sweeteners and plant-based fibers. They're often neatly presented in containers that look very much like packages you see that mints are sold in. Nicotine pouches are fast increasing in popularity here in the UK. Sales of the products are following in the same path as in the USA. Every day, more and more people are waking up to the smoking cessation benefits that nicotine pouches can offer in our journey to becoming tobacco-free!
Are nicotine pouches bad for you?
Whilst it is widely known and accepted that nicotine is an addictive substance, it is worth noting that the harmful component within tobacco cigarettes is in actuality the tar and toxins that come with it. It is this, coupled with the addiction to nicotine that creates a recipe for disaster! Over the years discussions around the dangers of nicotine led to a demonisation of this substance, but an exact lethal dose of nicotine has been relatively undetermined. Leading to much debate within the community, amongst professors, scientists, and other health experts. Nicotine when consumed without the harmful tar and toxins is not carcinogenic. It has earned itself a bad reputation through its association with tobacco cigarettes. Although it is addictive, since the introduction of vaping, nicotine is slowly becoming as normal as the caffeine we consume in coffee.
How long do nicotine pouches stay in your system?
To answer this question we need to look at nicotine in general. Although it can differ for person to person, nicotine can stay in your blood for approximately 1 to 3 days but be completely leave your system until around 10 days.
What does nicotine do?
Nicotiana tabacum is part of the 'nightshade family', along with red peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes! It is a stimulant and a sedative . Interestingly, studies have shown that nicotine may improve your concentration and memory, as well as reduce anxiety. Nicotine has some lesser known side effects such as relaxation and feelings of euphoria.