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We’re meticulous about Quality and Safety

This dedication comes from our decades of experience within the pharmaceutical industry, where customer safety and product quality are paramount. Our experience, quality disciplines and accreditations are unrivalled in the pouches market.

We are regularly inspected by internationally renowned Quality Certification bodies, and our external accreditations speak for themselves.

hiit Pouches are made with food safe ingredients, using food safe equipment and manufacturing process that ensures you always get a safe and effective pouch.

Our UK Manufacturing Facilities

Our facility is an unrivalled example of an automated mixing, filling, labelling, and packaging. We possess an ISO Clean Room environment for filling - all in compliance with GMP standards. At our 60,000sq ft facility based in Swansea, UK, we have a 25 year history of working with global brands. We have held MHRA EU GMP certification for over 20 years, and our 100+ employees are trained to EU GMP standards. What’s more is that our infrastructure and management systems follow GMP standards across the site.


1. Choose

your flavour and strength!

2. Open

tin and take one pouch.

3. Place

directly under upper lip.

4. Keep

there for up to 1 hour.

5. Dispose

your hiit pouch.