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7 Reasons why athletes use nicotine pouches

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and should only be taken as a smoking cessation method. Do not take nicotine pouches if you are a non-smoker or non-vaper.

Nicotine is usually associated with smoking, addiction, carcinogens, and disease - not elite athletes and performance in sport.  Despite this, some studies show that athletes are increasingly turning to nicotine for their athletic performance. It is estimated that nearly half of all sport teams use nicotine, mostly in the form of smokeless products such as nicotine pouches and nicotine patches as well as other oral products such as gum and lozenges.

Sporting personalities using nicotine pouches

Footballers such as Jamie Vardy, Jamaal Lascelles, Victor Lindelof, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have all been reported to use a nicotine pouch at times. Despite the health stigma attached to nicotine, it is said that nicotine pouches are also commonly used by lower-level football players.

There are media reports of athletes using snus, when in actuality, it is likely that they are referring to nicotine pouches - as snus is illegal in the UK due to its adverse health implications. After all, snus is made from tobacco whereas nicotine pouches do not contain any tobacco at all.

Which sports are they mostly used?

The most reported sport where athletes are using nicotine pouches and other smokeless nicotine products is football. Players are increasingly being reported to be using 'snus' or a pouch for a variety of reasons, which we will highlight later in this blog. Other physical sports where players have been known to use a pouch are baseball, ice hockey, and cycling sports - to name a few!

So, let's get down to it... Why are athletes turning to nicotine pouches?

1. Unlike other forms of nicotine delivery, a pouch is discreet

An athlete who uses nicotine pouches is already likely be hooked on cigarettes or vaping and it's likely that they're looking for an alternative means of getting their nicotine hit - under the radar. Big names in football such as Brazilian footballer Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Johan Cruyff, Diego Maradona and Gigi Buffon are just some of the athletes who have been reported to smoke a cigarette on occasion and have been the butt of much criticism as a result!

The stigma attached to nicotine products often means that most nicotine delivery methods are a complete 'no no' - especially being seen as a smoker - in any sporting situation as it is something that is frowned upon in the sporting communities. However, we all know that it is the lesser of two evils and is a far cry from the health risks that tobacco poses. After all - the pouch is tobacco-free.

A pouch can be discreetly enjoyed without anyone's knowledge. They sit under your lip and can remain there for up to an hour - undetectable by those around you. The slow and gradual release of nicotine is much more palatable and gives a better, more consistent release of nicotine from each pouch.

2. Enhance performance

It is important to note that nicotine is a highly addictive substance and nicotine alternatives should only ever be used as a smoking cessation method.

Researchers are still examining nicotine pouches in preliminaries, but several athletes have seen improved performance when using nicotine pouches. Athletes love them for this reason, which is why they're so popular in the sporting industry. Recent years have seen several high-profile footballers both on and off the pitch being photographed with nicotine pouches.

Some studies have shown that regular use is said to increase high-intensity endurance levels as well as muscular strength. In an environment where cigarettes and tobacco products are not an option, nicotine pouches can offer athletes a relatively safer way to get their nicotine fix.

3. Protect your health

The lungs must be strong and healthy in order to excel in any sport. Both the mind and body can be negatively affected by cigarette smoke. Regular smoking, for example, can cause your lungs to lose their structural integrity, which over time can cause decreased stamina and even lung cancer. As a result, your heart and muscles can suffer over time due to poor oxygen supply to your brain.

This negative effect on your physical and metabolic health can have a detrimental effect on your ability to play sport both professionally, on an elite-level and personally, ultimately limiting your chances for career advancement. For a number of athletes from a wide range of sports and disciplines, nicotine pouches can be a safer, more discreet alternative to traditional cigarettes and tobacco products. Many athletes who want to kick the habit for good use them to stop smoking.

4. Stimulation

There has been a longstanding relationship between nicotine and sports. Some prominent athletes have credited the substance with a big win or their increased energy levels on the pitch. Up-and-coming athletes are following their lead. A growing number of athletes today consider endurance and energy to be key factors, and they are prepared to take any measures required to achieve their goals. Nicotine pouches can offer a healthier and tobacco-free method of improving endurance.

There is no denying the fact that nicotine pouches affect the brain in one way or another, regardless of how little research has been done on the effects of nicotine on athletes. Based on the dosage and brain activity of the user, it can act either as a stimulant or sedative. Nicotine can offer a positive change in an athlete's mood which can go a long way in improving performance and endurance.

5. Concentration

The fact that nicotine is a stimulant means that it raises your heart rate. This then improves your ability to pay attention concentration and can boost your memory processes as a result.

Modern day sports require tactical and analytical thinking and so having something that has the potential to boost your concentration, can have a multitude of benefits on your performance.

Nicotine can allow you to focus on your chosen activity with thanks to the increase of acetylcholine activity in the brain. Adrenaline and acetylcholine are the stimulants that help you achieve your goals. Interestingly, this reaction is the brain's driver and ability to maintain performance and endurance.

This powerful ability is what makes nicotine a great factor for sports performance. Muay Thai fighters are famed for using nicotine to play “3D chess”, setting mind traps in advance to knockout their opponents.

Some cyclists have even been reported to use smokeless nicotine alternatives such as nicotine pouches for their bronchodilation effect, which is a medication known for making breathing easier. 

Pool and snooker halls are another type of sport that are known for taking advantage of the increase in focus and concentration that it can offer, due to the obvious heightened need to focus on a sport such as pool.

6. Prevent dry mouth

With an array of interesting flavours to choose from, it's no surprise that athletes are using nicotine pouches to prevent dry mouth. Sometimes, no matter how much water or fluids you consume, you just can't shift the unpleasant feeling of a dry mouth.

The Hiit pouch is available in three tasty flavours - [mint freeze], [tangy mango], and [zesty lemon]. Each flavour is mouthwateringly tasty and its easy to see why many athletes use a pouch to prevent dry mouth during intense exercise.

7. Weight control

Nicotine has long been known to cause a slump in appetite, and scientists suspected that its effects might be mediated by reward receptors. After all, nicotine and food are both considered rewards by the brain. The finding suggests, however, that appetite uses a separate pathway.

Scientists have discovered that a signaling pathway causes "beige" cells to burn energy. Beige cells are when the unhealthy white fat cells become beige and take on all the good characteristics of brown fat cells, which are known to burn energy.  Researchers found that nicotine plays an important role in the process, explaining why some smokers believe the habit helps them lose weight!

Furthermore, nicotine is known to speed up your metabolism, which can increase the number of calories your body uses by up to 15%

In summary

If you already use e-cigarettes, then getting your hit with nicotine pouches will be a no brainer! You can reap the benefits whilst not relying on inhaling anything at all. If you are a smoker, then switching to the pouch will give you a multitude of benefits - from improved respiratory issues, blood pressure, and ability to perform better during cardiovascular type exercise. If you are a nonsmoker, then it is not advisable to take up nicotine products of any kind as it is a highly addictive substance.

It's worth pointing out that we are not medical professionals, and nicotine is a highly addictive substance. If you have any concerns over taking nicotine pouches, you should seek advice from a medical professional.

Why not try our hiit pouches today? You can get 20% off your first order and free delivery for orders over £15 in the UK. Get back to life - get back to you.

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