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Emma's Story - Female, 36, Manchester

Emma typically smoked around 5-10 cigarettes per day but since her two children have reached the ages of 7 and 4, she’s much more aware of the impact of smoking on her health and her children’s health. While she still needed a nicotine hit to curb her cravings, Emma wanted to eliminate the presence of a cigarette so as not to expose her kids to the habit.

Emma was looking for a solution that could help her satisfy her nicotine craving discreetly and without smoke. As well as protecting her kids from passive smoking, she was aware that she needed to look after her own health better too, with a family that depended on her. Living an active lifestyle with two kids was becoming difficult with the effects of smoking, not to mention the conversations and moments she’d miss while nipping outside for a cigarette.

Making the switch to hiit pouches has meant that Emma is now much more present in the moment with her kids, as well as with her husband, colleagues and friends, Removing the harmful toxins that come with cigarettes, Emma can simply place her hiit pouch in her mouth for her nicotine hit while doing the school run, catching up with colleagues or shopping with friends.

The kids are happier now their mother isn’t a smoker, and her husband has noticed how much more engaged she is when they’re out and about.

*name changed

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1. Choose

your flavour and strength!

2. Open

tin and take one pouch.

3. Place

directly under upper lip.

4. Keep

there for up to 1 hour.

5. Dispose

your hiit pouch.