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Mark's Story - Male, 25, Cardiff

Mark* took up smoking when he was 16, but since progressing more in his football career he’s realised the impact that smoking could have on his health and fitness in the long run. He wanted to try and quit completely, but realised it wasn’t that easy after 9 years and started to struggle to manage his nicotine cravings. 

Mark discovered hiit and realised that he could still satisfy his cravings while removing any dangers to his health, which meant he could focus better on his football training. Using hiit meant there was no tobacco, toxins or carcinogens entering his system, and Mark could notice the improvements in his stamina over time. 

Mark originally started with 10mg hiit pouches before realising he was able to lower the nicotine levels gradually down to 6mg, thanks to the effectiveness of the pouches and the fresh taste of the different flavours available. Mark found he could reduce his intake and manage his cravings effectively so that he could spend more time focused on his health and career.

*name changed

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1. Choose

your flavour and strength!

2. Open

tin and take one pouch.

3. Place

directly under upper lip.

4. Keep

there for up to 1 hour.

5. Dispose

your hiit pouch.